Mark Pearson-Gills is a native of Australia

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Mark Pearson-Gills is a native of Australia, having been born and raised in the suburbs that are southeast of Melbourne. In 1988, Mark Pearson-Gills completed his secondary studies and was then able to obtain his VCE, the commonly used name for the Victorian Certificate of Education. Mark Pearson-Gills then took several years off from his schooling because he wanted to get a handle on where he wanted his career to go from that point forward. He worked as an apprentice to a carpenter for a few years, learning that trade before moving on to the next.

It was in 1991 that Mark Pearson-Gills realized that he wanted his break from the world of education to stop. He applied to, and then enrolled in, RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He enrolled in the prestigious, five year program for chiropractic. In 1996 he would graduate with his Doctor of Chiropractic and move into his career. He actually earned a dual degree, which focused on both Applied Science and Chiropractic Science. Soon after that, Mark Pearson-Gills began working as a chiropractor. In September of 1997, he would open his own chiropractic firm, which would eventually grow to become one of the largest wellness-based chiropractic firms in all of Australia.

Mark Pearson-Gills eventually made the choice to move his family and his career to the United Kingdom, where he was able to work with other chiropractic specialists, keeping their firms in order through consulting with them. Eventually, considering his work done there, Mark Pearson-Gills would make the move back to Melbourne and re-open his firm.

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